Sunday, August 12, 2012

stranger streets

it's that time again. of remembering. of looking back, amazed at what can be seen, in the past. in the before the now. not only in the recent, but even at the further past.

my heart longs for it, for those moments. those days, nights, weeks, months and years walking the lines of many unexpected comings and goings of strangers and not-so strangers, mostly the latter in that life i lived. a life so different from my now. i don't know if i long to go back there altogether.perhaps not.maybe i just suddenly find myself often looking back, lately.

i don't want to blame anything for this.not the weather.not the prolonged nights.nor the sleepless ones.

it's just that, there are moments lately.

moments of remembering. memories thrown back at me by the wind, usually before night. sometimes in the afternoons, like now.

i don't know the answer, the reason, the why.

i just suddenly remember crossing streets in stranger places. 

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